Engineering a Platform For Growth

Mobile Banking Platform for 25+ Financial Institutions


The banking industry saw a 51% increase in the use of smartphones to access bank accounts in 2016. The way people accessed their bank evolved quickly. Most users demanded the capability to make a secure deposit with a smartphone. Security was the utmost concern to make sure data would not get into the wrong hands. Looking at how the existing system functioned, it was best to build a new platform in its place. 521 Dimensions was able to redesign and rewrite the banking platform without any outages or loss of data.

What We Did

  • App design & development
  • Data migration
  • Responsive web-app
  • iOS Mobile App
  • Android Mobile App
  • Secure server provisioning

Rapid Growth

One user added every 14 minutes

The new platform that was designed and written by 521 Dimensions led to incredible success. The completely new platform added 30,000+ users in its first year, averaging a new user being added every 14 minutes. 521 Dimensions was able to minimize growing pains because of the strategic architecture built to efficiently store and process over 2.5 million financial records.

Achieved Through

  • Simple UX design elements
  • Clean and convenient access for all users
  • High-performance data storage
30,000+ users in the 1st year. That’s a lot of growth! Your app can get there too if you hire 521 Dimensions, who can build it right.
Total Number of users

Intelligent Design

One codebase, 18+ custom mobile apps

Creating a secure and scalable web platform is one thing, but the other challenge was how to build custom-branded iOS and Android apps for every different financial institution. All of this had to be achieved without creating additional repetitive processes or increasing overhead to add on customers. 521 Dimensions developed a method that automated the build of custom applications from one code base -- making the process extremely efficient and not expensive to maintain.

Achieved Through

  • Custom API Architechture
  • Standardized design patterns
  • Open-source build tools
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