It all started in room 521

We’re the Co-Founders of 521 Dimensions: Dan Pastori and Jay Rogers. We first met as random roommates in college. As our friendship continued to grow, the more we saw the need to start our own business. It meant more than "just a coincidence" on how we met, so we decided to name our business after our room number.

In August of 2011, we started 521 Dimensions while still attending college. We had an enormous amount of things to learn at that time, but our values have never changed. We started a bootstrapped-business backed with strong philanthropic values. Everything we have built has been with the vision of making our world smarter and more creative.

This unique blend of business structure with character allows us to build strong relationships with others. We’ve been blessed with many talents and gifts that we make sure never to take for granted. Our passion lies with education and enabling others to become more creative.

It’s been quite the ride since we first started 521 Dimensions. We'll never lose sight of our values and we’re committed to writing another page of our story everyday.