Engaging a Mobile Workforce

Support Platform for E-Vergent.com, LLC


E-Vergent.com covers 5,500+ square miles of service. That's a lot of information and customers to keep track of! With that amount of coverage, it is imperative that the entire team has the most accurate information available. This helps everyone solve problems quickly and efficiently.

What We Did

  • App design & development
  • Data migration
  • Responsive Web App

Business Needs

Everything at the fingertips

The existing systems in place had each function scattered and were not accessible from mobile devices. All data from these systems were consolidated into one product that was able to support an evolving mobile workforce.

Identified By

  • Thorough planning & documentation
  • Simulated product experiences

Advanced Integration

A flexible tool to meet all business needs

E-Vergent.com’s roots stem back to the start of the Internet for their service area. Years and years of data have been stored with each customer. It was vital for the new portal to integrate with these legacy systems. 521 Dimensions built the portal in a strategic way to deliver historical data to modern devices through high-tech methods.

Achieved Through

  • Secure data connections
  • Efficient database queries
  • Organized data structures
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