Get help with AmplitudeJS

Are you stuck with a question or issue with AmplitudeJS? No worries, we have a few options for you.

Community Support

First place to start if you are stuck is read the documentation. It is beautiful, simple, and straight to the point. The documentation answers 95% of people's questions. View our documentation →

Community support is available for free on our Github page. Because our community is based off of an entire volunteer basis, issues are responded to on a "best effort" basis. You'll get a response as soon as someone is available to answer your question.

Looking to open an issue with community support? Open a new Github Issue →

If you have a quick question, you can jump on our Server Side Up community forum and see if anyone is available: Ask a question on Server Side Up →

Professional Support

If your issue is urgent, or if you would prefer to speak directly to the creators of AmplitudeJS. You will be guaranteed a response within the next business day.

How it works:

All professional support is provided by 521 Dimensions LLC (the creators of AmplitudeJS). Here is what the process looks like:

  1. You purchase 1 hour of consulting to set up your first meeting.
  2. We'll reach out with a special link that will allow you to pick a time that works best for you.
  3. We'll get connected via Google Meet and even take a look at your code via screensharing.
  4. If you need further support, we'll make the next arrangements together.

All consultation is billed at $200/hour (USD). Complete the form below to get started.

What services are offered?

521 Dimensions is able to assist you throughout the entire process of the application lifecycle:

  • Technical & Engineering support
  • Custom Design & UX Consulting
  • Wordpress & Custom Application Integration
  • Server configuration and support
  • Custom AmplitudeJS feature design and development

Make a payment for professional support

We'll reach out to you within the next business day.